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Imaginative puppetry workshops for children

Want to learn about different types of puppets? Want to have a go at puppeteering? Book a visit from the Monster Circus!

Georgia's Monster Circus is an exciting and imaginative 1 hour 30 minute immersive workshop. Providing the opportunity for children to puppeteer a variety of high quality puppets, designed especially for them. 

Each monster puppet possesses the ability to perform a circus act- It is the children's job to become the puppeteers and bring the circus to life!

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Roll Up, Roll Up....

Can you tell jokes like a clown? Can you work as a team to make the monster juggle? Or dare to make the puppet walk the tightrope?

The Monster Circus wants to visit you!

For more Monster Circus information, please read the FAQ below!

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  • What size space does the workshop need?
    A small hall (assembly hall, sports hall, community hall) , drama studio or large spacious classroom with tables out of the way would be ideal! The workshop does not require tables, we just need space! No technology access required. Please can the children be supervised / supported by an adult / teacher at all times.
  • Is it a puppet show performance?
    Monster Circus is a hands on workshop session and not a puppetry performance. It's a unique opportunity for children to play, perform and explore high quality puppets whilst learning about the puppetry art form. Georgia is a puppet designer/maker and not a performer. Georgia is utilising her knowledge of puppet making to create an immersive learning experience for children.
  • What age is it for?
    The Monster circus workshop is best suited for children aged 7-12 years old (KS2). I do run an adapted 1 hour long workshop for children under 7 called Mini Monsters! Send me an email if you are interested.
  • How long is the workshop?
    The workshop runs best at 1 hour and 30 minutes. It can be reduced to 60 or 75 minutes upon request. The workshop can also be extended with a craft session upon request.
  • What are the benefits of Monster Circus?
    First and most importantly, a visit from the Monster Circus will be GREAT FUN! A memorable workshop to boost children's well-being. The children are free to portray emotions, tell their own stories and give character to the puppets in any way they wish to, which encourages creativity and use of imagination! When puppeteering, children will have to be intuitive and work as a team. Monster Circus brings theatre and puppetry to you!
  • Is it suitable for children with additional needs/ SEN schools/groups?
    Yes! All children are welcome to experience the Monster Circus! The puppets are tactile, colourful and textural. One puppet is musical. Get in touch and we can discuss how we can adapt and make it work in the best way for you.
  • Is it scary?
    Not at all! Although clowns and monsters can be scary, Georgia's Monster Circus troupe are not scary at all! They are very friendly and imaginative monsters that have been designed especially for young ages, so there will be no frights!
  • Can you run Monster Circus workshop for adults?
    Currently the puppets are designed for children to use. The puppets are made to fit small hands/bodies, so unfortunately not suitable for adults. However if you are an organisation that could offer some funding support, I'd love to make more monsters for adults to use. Please do get in touch if you think you could help!
  • Do you do birthday parties?
    Sadly not at the moment!

Meet The Circus

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