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King Koschei

The puppet is approximately 10ft tall, operated by one puppeteer and has moving arms and head. 

King Koschei, (also known as Koschei/Kastchei the deathless/imortal), is a slavic folklore character! He is the villian in Igor Stravinsky’s ballet The Firebird. The puppet was created to accompany Stravinskys music, Tom Redmond and RWCMD Symphony orchestra to help tell the story of the Firebird.

Koschei performed to over 3000 children and adults whilst visiting 3 venues in North and South Wales. 

Koschei recently performed at the Royal Albert Hall as part of My Great Orchestral Adventure 2019!!

Screen Shot 2019-04-09 at 15.20.50.png

"Georgia Hill’s approach to her work on Orchestradventure was nothing short of outstanding. Her professionalism, creativity, can do attitude and initiative shone throughout the entire project.   Her giant ogre brought the story of The Firebird to life and her attention to detail was astounding. Not only this, but Georgia has a rare ability to just fit in to a performance environment.  I still smile when I think of Georgia’s work, and I know that the memory of Orchestradventure will be cemented in the minds of thousands of children as a result of her artistry. "

Tom Redmond. March 2019

Photographs taken at The Royal Albert Hall, London

Photographs taken by Gareth Griffith and Ted Edwards/RWCMD 

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